From:Margaret Gondo

I tried to post this yesterday but I don't think it went through. So
here it is again.  

I found something out the other day that I wanted to pass along to
anyone out there trying to figure out how to keep their Qualification in
Immunohistochemistry (QIHC) without going bankrupt.  According to J.
Kenneth Gillespie, Assistant Manager, Special Projects, at the ASCP
Board of Registry, certain college courses can be used as continuing
education units (CEUs) for the recertification requirement of the QIHC. 
I would like to insert a word of caution by saying that not all college
course work can be applied.  But if the course is approved/applicable
then 1 college credit counts as 15 CEU credits.  

This is what I was told by Mr. Gillespie.  I have quoted the email
response I received from him which includes his contact information,
below.  I feel this information is important since there are so many of
us out there who want to keep our QHIC but can't afford to go to
meetings every year. 


> Subject: 
>         College courses
>    Date: 
>         Wed, 5 Dec 2001 09:40:53 -0600
>   From: 
>         "Gillespie, Kenneth" 
>     To: 
>         mgondo@popmail.opt.uh.edu
> Dear Ms. Gondo: 
> We will accept the computer science since Laboratory Information Systems is listed on the Suggested Topics list. We would
> not accept accounting.  If the computer course was worth at least 2 semester hours then that equates to 30 contact hours, the
> number need to re-qualify.
> Sincerely, 
> J. Kenneth Gillespie 
> Assistant Manager, Special Projects 
> Board of Registry 
> (312)738-1336, ext. 1343 
> fax - (312)738-5808 
> e-mail - kennethg@ascp.org

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