CD144 staining

From:Sven Terclavers

Hello all,
I'm curious about staining endothelial cells for fluorescence detection with a confocal microscope.  Did anyone ever use CD144 (VE-cadherin), what should be an endothelial-specific staining and what is your experience?  Is their also a specific protocol for it?  I would like to make a double-staining: Rhod-X to stain all cells via their Ca2+ and CD144 to specifically stain the endothelial cells.  Or would you advice another (better) staining?
Thanks in advance,
Sven Terclavers
Research Assistent
(Center for Molecular and Vascular Biology - Center for Transgene Technology and Gene Therapy)
Campus Gasthuisberg O/N
Herestraat 49
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