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I do some GMA work and use aluminum block holders From Energy Beam Sciences
Cat # H1512. They work well with the Polyethylene Molding Cup Trays from
Polysciences. Cat #16643A (6x12x5mm) and 17177C (13x19x5). I would buy the
Aluminum block holders from Poly. Sciences but, I don't think they sell

	Good Luck. 

	Jennifer Harvey
	University of Rochester

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> Subject: 	molds for plastic embedding
> I am in desperate need of help.  The doctor that I work for wants to
> process, 
> embed, and cut in plastics(Glycol Methacrylate[GMA]).  I don't know what 
> embedding molds and mounts(should snap into the microtome just like the 
> rectangular cassettes for paraffin) to use that would fit my microtome.
> The 
> microtome that I have is Microm HM 340 E.  I bought a standard specimen
> clamp 
> and insert for small round specimens(25mm).  These two pieces fit onto the
> microtome.  If anyone out there is familiar with cutting plastics and
> ordering 
> supplies such as molds and mounts, any help would be appreciated!!!
> Happy & Safe Holidays!!!
> Thanks for your help,
> Dina

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