RE: HEP C NS3, Cyclin D1 from Novocastra

From:"Nader, Alexander" <>

> Subject: Re: HEP C NS3

> next week. We are testing the MMM33 by western as well.  I 
> will fill you in when

> > Welcome to the club! In our hands Novocastra's mo-a-HCV, 
> clone MMM33,
> > stained about the same proportion of known HCV+ as of 
> control cases ...

same here in Vienna, although we extensively blocked it, we could "detect"
HCV in every liver with the MMM33.

BTW: Novocastra's Cyclin-D1 gives us headache since we opened a new lot: it
has extensive background and no staining of the positive control, has
verybody successfully tried DAKO's Cyclin-D1 on FFPE-material?

Alexander Nader

PS for Andreas Kappeler: no, there are no fungi in the bottle of the Ab, I
even tested it in our microbiology lab... ;-)

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