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We use both skin and tonsil.  We have had problems with certain skin types
washing off with any antibody.  It is a problem with the skin, not the
antibody.  When we used a different skin control it was fine.

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> Subject: 	CD34 question
> Hope that someone can help.  We have just begun using the antibody CD34 in
> our lab.  Our pathologists asked us to use skin as a control (even though
> the 
> insert specified tonsil)  We are using a Ventana automated stainer,
> antigen 
> retrieving in citra buffer by steamer, and then pretreating slides in
> H2O2. 
> The patient tissue is staining nicely, but the positive skin control keeps
> washing off.  The negative  skin control stays on.  We also ran a positive
> tonsil today just to see what it would look like and there was no positive
> staining, but at least it stayed on.  Any ideas why the skin would be
> washing 
> off ????  AND what does everyone else use for controls?
> Thanks for your help
> Jennifer Macias, HT (ASCP)
> Western Reserve Care System-Forum Health
> Youngstown, Ohio

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