Loss of small biopsies ...

From:Dale Denise Hardy <DHardy@health-first.org>

We have recently experienced a dramatic increase (3 within 6 weeks) in the loss of small biopsy specimens and are using biopsy sponges exclusively.  In previous institutions it seems we would have 1-2 occurrences per year at most, however lens paper, biopsy bags, and sponges were all used to secure specimens based on size and type.  I have decided to switch exclusively to nylon biopsy bags until I can evaluate other alternatives.  Folding lens paper (Biowraps, Histowraps, etc.) might not work well in our grossing environment and "tea bags" are a little more difficult to open compared to their nylon counterpart, although more expensive.  I would be interested in any feedback in regard to this issue as well as comments on using the "mesh" cassettes.  I understand that the "mesh" cassettes are more expensive - I'm wondering about reagent flow and carry over in regard to processing; also the plastic smaller-holed biopsy cassettes as well.

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