From:"Glencross, Hedley" <hglencra@mid-sussex.sthames.nhs.uk>

Hi everyone

As the person who wrote the comment about managers, surely all of you would
have guessed it was "tongue in cheek". As senior members of the profession
yes we are all "managers" both of ourselves and others. My comment was a
snipe at those persons who have never set foot in the laboratory, and whose
quality standards seem to be "how quick, how cheap". We've all had to deal
with such indifference and ignorance, and will have to do so again. I'm
certain those who have taken some offence would not wish to line up with
those sorts of attitudes.

We in the UK have a two word term for these people "grey (gray) suits". 

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Hedley Glencross
Princess Royal Hospital UK
Head Biomedical Scientist and Departmental Manager (sorry Richard)

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