macrophages and T-cells

From:Angeline Martin-Studdard <>


A colleague of mine has used the ED1 antibody from Serotec to label macrophages in paraffin embedded rat aorta with good results.  I have also used it myself on paraffin embedded rat brain.  It requires amplification but does work well.  If you would like a copy of my protocol just let me know.

angeline martin
medical college of georgia
augusta, ga

Date: 6 Dec 2000 14:47:35 -0600
Subject: macrophages and T cells

Hello Histonetters,
I have Formalin fixed paraffin embedded rat and mouse tissue, specifically
carotids and aorta's.  Looking to do immuno's looking for macrophages and
Tcells.  Any Help is greatly appreciated!!!!

Thanks for all your Help,

Jean Reed
MCD Pharmacology
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Summit, NJ 07901

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