honor system virus

From:Amos & Theresa <atbrooks@snet.net>

    In light of the recent comments about viruses I thought I'd point
out a mailing list that really sheds light on viruses, how they work and
how to prevent getting infected by them the list is called "Virus Alert"
and it is on Tip World. I strongly recommend it for those who are
interested in this.
    I also thought it would be interesting to send the following virus
for you to be aware of. It is the honor system virus. This virus COULD
actually work just by reading this text (but if it does you have only
yourself to blame haha). It can be devastating so read on with care.
Amos Brooks

    ------ INSTRUCTIONS ------
    Please open the desktop folder describing the contents of your hard
drive and select all files then press the delete key.
Thank you for your cooperation

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