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From:"C. Hilscher" <>

Hi everyone,

I know there are alot of company reps lurking on the list (like me, who has
lurked on and off for the past few years).  And I desperately need some
company reps to respond to my MBA survey.  So with that, I leave the
invitation below with thanks to those who take the time to participate, and
my apologies to the lab-based subscribers for the off topic post (but maybe
my results will make the sales rep life a little easier, which would serve
us all better - heh?).
If anyone is curious about more specifics on my research, please email me
and I can send an electronic copy of a recent newspaper article on Peter
Frost's recent management research.
PAIN, COMPASSION and the BOTTOM LINE:  Dealing with emotions as a
professional salesperson. Claire Hilscher is finishing her
MBA thesis by studying sales professionals' reactions to the emotional
stresses of the job.  She is working with Dr. Peter Frost of UBC's commerce
department whose articles on toxic workplaces are widely read and reviewed.
Claire needs 100 to 200 salespeople to complete a survey on the web.  The
survey is 100% confidential, no identifying information about the
participant is collected, and it takes about 30 minutes to complete.  The
survey can be found at Questions about the survey or
research?  Email
Claire Hilscher

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