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If you have a flat bed scanner (cost $30-100) you can use it very
effectively as a microphotography set up. Place your small specimen on the
flat bed and scan, most scanners have a depth of field of at least a few cm
and produce extremely sharp images of three dimensional objects.

"Morken, Tim" wrote:

> Terry,
> Check  out this gross photo system. I have used it and it works extemely
> well. You can take film and digital photos.
> Tim Morken
> Atlanta
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> Subject: pathology photography
>  Does anyone know of an automated system of recording gross
> pathology (dissection) for future reference, i.e. photography of the
> specimen which may be archived with the Histology.
> I am sure there is one up and running called the "picsie mouse"?
> but cannot find any reference to this.
> I have been of the Histonet for some time now so this may have
> been discussed.
> I see that the most difficult word to spell is still UNSUBSCRIBE!
> Many thanks,
> Terry.
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