Re: pathology photography

From:Debbie Pepperal <>

Hi Terry

The routine Pathology lab here has the  Histovision Digital Imaging System
from Milestone Laboratory Systems. if you need any more information; let me
As we are in the research labs, we donot use it often.



At 08:25 AM 18/12/2000 +0000, you wrote:
> Does anyone know of an automated system of recording gross 
>pathology (dissection) for future reference, i.e. photography of the 
>specimen which may be archived with the Histology.
>I am sure there is one up and running called the "picsie mouse"? 
>but cannot find any reference to this.
>I have been of the Histonet for some time now so this may have 
>been discussed.
>I see that the most difficult word to spell is still UNSUBSCRIBE!
>Many thanks,
>Terry Hacker,
>Medical Research Council,
>Oxfordshire, OX11 ORD
>01235 834393 x360

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