Re: is there a simple way of testing DAB solution

From:Lee Crosby <>

Prepare the DAB in a test tube (ours is two part)and
place a drop of HRP and watch it turn brown. Its not
quantitative but it is simple and very quick.
Lee Crosby
ScyTek Laboratories
--- Tibor Ric <> wrote:
> Hi Everygody!
> Here I come with (maybe a stupid) a question.
> Me and my friends at our lab wonder if there is a
> simple way of testing our
> DAB solution. I mean is it possible to check if the
> DAB solution still is
> working without setting up an application?
> Is there some chemical way of testing?
> Thanks in advance!
> Tibor Ric
> Biomedical Laboratory Techonologist/Scientist,
> Karlstad,
>  Sweden

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