Re: Mast cell tryptase

From:"C.M. vander Loos" <>

>Martha Ward writes:  I have a Pathologist who is interested in doing
>mast cell tryptase and I was wondering if anyone is doing it already and
>where you get your antibody?  Any help will be greatly appreciated!


We have been using alk. phosphatase-conjugated anti-tryptase from Chemicon
MAB 1222A.
This antibody works fine for cryostat sections (1/500, o.n. 4C, DAKO Fast
Red), and formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue sections after HIER
(1/500, o.n. 4C, DAKO Fast Red). Tonsil can be used as positive control

See for example: Kaartinen M, Van der Wal AC, Van der Loos CM, Piek JJ,
Koch KT, Becker AE: Mast cell infiltration in acute coronary syndromes.
Implications for plaque rupture. J Am Coll Cardiol (1998) 32, 606-612


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