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From:Jason Burrill <jburrill@MIT.EDU>

<html> <font size=4><blockquote type=cite cite>Sorry I posted some material that contains some affiliations that don't exist.  We are currently not affiliated with NSH or NSH/VIR but eventually we hope to be.  To those people who that have e-mailed me and are not in the Massachusetts area I will send you a form but I encourage you to join the NSH VIR group if you are not already a member.</font><br> </blockquote><br> <br> <br> <font size=4><b><blockquote type=cite cite>Join the Massachusetts Histology Research Group<br> <br> </font></b><font size=3>A new group has formed here in Massachusetts entitled the Massachusetts Histology Research Group.  Its purpose is to provide technical and scientific support to histologists who work with animal tissues at various research Histology laboratories and inspire technologists in these areas to actively participate in continuing education programs.  If you desire to meet other research Histologists, learn new methods, and share your knowledge of research histotechnology we would invite you to join.   Simply fill out an application to receive information on meetings and a directory of members.  We plan to meet 4 times/year, present research applicable methods-based seminars, establish a network among members, and construct a web page with useful links and to answer questions.  Contact Jason Burill at </font><font color="#0000FF"><u></font></u><font color="#000000"> or phone: (617) 258-8533 for an application form.  </blockquote><br> <br> <br> <br> </font><br> <div>Jason D. Burrill, B.A., HT(ASCP)</div> <div>Histology Supervisor</div> <div>Division of Comparative Medicine 16-876</div> <div>Massachusetts Institute of Technology</div> <div>77 Massachusetts Avenue</div> <div>Cambridge, MA 02139</div> <div>Phone:   (617) 258-8533</div> <div>Fax:       (617) 252-1882</div> E-mail: </html>
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