Re: Looking for information about dishwasher

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    Home Depot, Lowes, Sears it is a dishwasher not a flow cytometer. The main
thing to look for is that the washer will fit in the space left by the old one.
The old carpenter adage holds true "Measure twice, Cut  once." The main unit is
what needs to be measured not the door on the front.
Amos Brooks wrote:

> Hello histonet bodies
> The dishwasher that we have in our department decided that it needs to retire
> on a permanent basis, it decided that last month and we have been doing
> dishes by hand since then waiting for the maintenance department to let us
> know if the washer was on vacation or a permanent leave.  We are now tired of
> waiting for them to tell us where and what type of washer to purchase to
> replace this item.
> Please tell me what type of dishwashers you use.  Or where we can purchase a
> new one.
> Thanks,
> Noreen Fitzgibbons
> Washoe Medical Center
> Reno, NV

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