Re: Gurr buffer recipe?

From:"J. A. Kiernan" <>

On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Tamara Howard wrote:

> Would anyone happen to have the actual recipe for Gurr's buffer? I think
> it is some phosphate formulation ...
> I know we can buy the pre-made buffer, but we need such a tiny amount that
> we'd rather make it from scratch (plus we want to know what it is!).

Quite right too! (For making and wanting to know) 
I haven't heard of it so can't tell you the answer, BUT:

Does it matter what the exact formulation is?  It is unlikely
that either of the late Gurr Bros (Edward, and George T.) invented
an original buffer. They were vendors of stains in Britain, about
whom some older HistoNetters may well have entertaining anecdotes.

If a buffer does its job of stabilizing the pH at the correct
value, and doesn't contain anything that would react with the
other ingredients of the mixture, it shouldn't matter what you
use. Phosphate buffers make a precipitate with many metal salts,
including those of Ca, Co, Cu, Fe, Mg, and others that have
insoluble phosphates. All the techniques books published since 
about 1955 have sets of tables for making buffers to cover a
wide range of pH.

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