Re: Frozen Sections?

From:"C.M. vander Loos" <>

>Hi Histonetters one and all,
>Can I ask a stupid question pls?
>I am confused as to the reasons why one would perform frozen section ihc
>rather than wax embed the material, as it seems rather more
>hassle to go through to work with the low temperatures etc.
>Can some kind sole give me the low down on the pros and cons.
>Many Thanks!!


Hi Anila,

Let me try to summarize some pros and cons.

- long time cheap storage at RT of tissue blocks (as you can keep them
safely away of bugs and other creatures...)
- superior tissue morphology
- epitopes/antigens can be destroyed during fixation and/or embedding procedure
- possibility of tissue pretreatments in case of lost epitopes/antigens
- tissue block-fixation will prevent the loss of soluble antigens

- laborious and expensive storage at -80C
- rather poor tissue morphology (depending on the tissue fixative used)
- epitopes/antigens are optimally preserved (depending on the tissue
fixative used)
- tissue pretreatments not needed
- soluble antigens might be lost or reallocated during fixation and/or
staining steps
  (option: PFA pre-fixation of small tissue samples > cryoprotection with
sucrose > freezing > cryosectioning)

(Any additions or comments, Histofolks???)

As you see Anila your choice for either paraffin or cryo totally depends on
what you would like to stain in your sections!!!


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