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Used throughout after rehydration, from blocking endog peroxidase through
substrate, diluents, rinses, blocking solutions, then regular buffer is
used to close the membrane, and chromogen is applied/developed. 
I am not sure whether it saponin needs to be in retrieval solutions.  Need
to check a protocol for that one.   

To have info on how saponin is used with frozens(would be the same for
paraffin sections) go to R&D systems website, applications/staining
procedures, they give the whole thing.  

Also Histonet had long discussions a couple of years ago on saponin, go the
archives for past messaging on saponin and detergents.

At 03:30 PM 12/19/00 +1030, you wrote:
>I have heard mention about using saponin for cytokine immunohistochemistry
>(ie. Interleukins, etc) on formaldehyde fixed paraffin embedded material.
>Has anyone more information. Is it used in the wash buffer or retrieval
>Jim Manavis
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