From:Denise Bland-Piontek <>

    I just helped a researcher with this antibody. Get a copy of "A
Putative Role for c-Fos in the Pathophysiology of Paget's Disease",
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research Vol. 14, Supplement 2, 1999 pp:
21-28. We used the protocol in this article and purchased the antibody
from Santa Cruz Biotechnology,  The staining was great on
the bone tumors we were looking at. Good Luck and contact me if you have
trouble finding this article.
Denise Bland-Piontek, HTL (ASCP)
Anatomic Pathology Research Lab
University of Minnesota

Jim Manavis wrote:

> I'm looking for immunostaining protocols for the c-fos antibody in
> formaldehyde fixed paraffin embedded material.
> Thanks
> Jim Manavis
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