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Judi, I used to live in Fresno, CA and once was witness to the melt down of
tens of thousands of paraffin blocks stored in a mini-storage. We found out
about it when they called us to say there was something leaking out of our
storage area. That was a pathologists great idea. I didn't even know we had
old blocks in such a storage place! Those places heat up fast. The
temperature in there must have been over 150 deg.

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Hi there everyone:

Our company is changing our off-site storage from one that is temperature
controlled to one that isn't.  We've never been concerned with the
acceptable range of temperatures for storing residual tissue and blocks
before and now are faced with coming up with ranges.  What I'd like to get
from anyone out there are temperature ranges that you store your blocks and
slides; problems you may have faced with uncontrolled temperature storage
facilities; etc.  Thanks in advance for any help you send my way.

Judi Ford
Palo Alto, CA

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