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Super glue, cyanoacrylate glue, is made by many companies. One line that is
well known among woodturners is Hot Stuff which is made by Satellite City in
Simi Valley, CA. It was developed for the aircraft industry and is available
in three grades. There is a thin which is similar to the drugstore variety,
a medium which has some gap filling properties, and a thick which is about
the consistency of honey and is very gap filling. This product is usually
available at hobby stores and woodworking supply houses. It comes in 2 oz
bottles. It has at least a year's shelf life after opening if it is not
contaminated and it can be stored unopened in a freezer. They also offer
replacement tips for the bottles as well is fine tube tops to dispense only
a small amount of glue. I find these work best with the thin variety. The
thin glue is instant setting with the other two taking slightly longer, but
this can be speeded up by using the accelerator they offer. I have no
connection with this company other than I like their products and find them
to be one of the best holding varieties of super glue on the market. Best of

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I've gotten it at hardware stores and hobby stores. I should add that 
as was working on Golgi-"stained" brains, the gelatin was fixed, and 
the whole block was submerged in cold (iced) phosphate buffer. The 
glue worked fine.


>Hi Phil,
>Where did you buy the "gap-filling" superglue?  I have been using the
>regular superglue which I buy at the drugstore.  Most of the time it works
>fine, but on some occasions, it will not glue my gelatin block to the
>This occurs most often when the bottom of the block is a little irregular.
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