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From:Christine Lee <>

I seem to have missed the beginning of a discussion, but the jist of the
matter as I understand it is that there is some distain for the words
'Laboratory Manager'
I find this a sad occurrence. Firstly there are some who have the title of
their jobs dictated by higher authorities. Secondly if Laboratory
Professionals do not take the responsobility for their own management then
it is most likely that their management duties will be devolved to
Administrative Managers who have no laboratory training at all. For myself,
I don't care what people call me, my duty statemant says Principal
Scientific Oficer. Responsibitites - the mangement of the section.
When Scientific Officers loss control of their departments to pure
often they have no one to blame but themselves. I find my biggest
managerial task is just keeping 'the ship' on course and steered towards
our benchmark.    
These are my thoughts on the matter and I would be grateful if someone
could forward to me the e-mails that started this distain of the title -
Laboratory Manager.

Christine Lee, MBA (Technology Management)
Principal Scientific Officer, 
School of Veterinary Science,
University of Queensland.

    P.S If anyone is going to smoke at the ears over what I have said,
please do it nicely. Laboratory managers cop heaps from all sides.

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