RE: Mast cell tryptase

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> Subject: Mast cell tryptase
> Martha Ward writes:  I have a Pathologist who is interested in doing
> mast cell tryptase and I was wondering if anyone is doing it 
> already and
> where you get your antibody?  Any help will be greatly appreciated!

we use Tryptase-Ab from Dako (M7052), HIER with citrate buffer pH6.0, 0.1M,
10 min in a house-hold pressure cooker, dil 1:500, followed by Dako ChemMate
Detection System, works perfectly well. For mast cell diseases of bone
marrow we also use c-kit (CD117) from Zymed and CD2 and CD25 from Novocastra
on FFPE, EDTA-decalcified material. A very good stain to visualize
degranulated mast cells is a chloracetate-esterase stain. Very cheap, very
reliable. Recipes can be found in good textbooks (for example Bancroft &
Stevens, p.416f).

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