RE: Immunohistochemistry CLIA regulations

Sorry to tell you, but your best bet for this is NCCLS.  They just developed
a new "Guidelines for IHC" which is excellent and the best comprehensive
source for IHC QC standards that I know of.  It is called "Quality Assurance
for Immunocytochemistry; Proposed Guideline MM4-P and I think it is about
$85.  NCCLS can be reached at <>
phone:  610.688.0100

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		I'm trying to find the exact regulations governed by CLIA
specifically for
		immunohistochemistry only!  I've gotten bogged down trying
different search
		engines with no specifics for this department.

		During their visits, different inspectors have inquired on
procedures not on
		our checklists.  I'm sorry to say that the current
management at our
		facility does not understand the complexity nor the QC
required to run an
		immuno division within the histology department at an
acceptable level of
		expected standards of excellence.

		NCCL has articles on this subject at a cost I'm unwilling to
divy out if
		another avenue for obtaining this information is available.

		Please help ASAP!

		Thank you,

		Diane L. Suchie, HT (ASCP), QIHC
		Providence Health Systems 

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