RE: Hacker Coverslipper

From:"Carson, Karla" <>

We have been having the same ongoing problem.  We thought it was fixed but
it keeps coming back.  If you find a rep, send them north.  Thanks

Karla Carson
Regional Pathology Manager
Mercy Health Care Sacramento
Phone 916-453-4494
FAX 916-453-4397
e-mail <> 

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		To:	Laurie Colbert; Histonet
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		Dear Laurie,

		I am sorry to hear about your Hacker coverslipper.  I was
having the same
		problems but Hacker take care of it immediately.  Have you
tried calling
		1-800-4HACKER and speaking with Jim Mullen?  I am sure he
will be very
		interested to hear of your problem and fix it ASAP.  Jim
Mullen of Hacker
		took a 6+hour drive from NJ to fix our coverslippers on a
days notice.  When
		he could not fix it, two days later he had three Meisei
engineers fly in
		from Tokyo, Japan to fix them properly.  I can not thank
Hacker enough for
		all of their help.  I have never had customer support as
good as that of
		Hacker!  I am not a spokesman for the company, just a very

		-Tom Galati
		Histo-Scientific Research Labs.
		137 S. Main Street
		Woodstock, VA  22664
		Fax: (540)459-8217
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		Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 2:38 PM
		Subject: Hacker Coverslipper

		> I have been getting very tiny bubbles on my slides after
		> with the Hacker coverslipper.  I have tried to find an
experienced rep
		> who can come to the hospital and give me some tips, but I
have not had
		> much luck.   Is there anyone out there who can help me????
		> pathologists are running out of patience!
		> Laurie Colbert
		> Huntington Memorial Hospital
		> Pasadena, Ca
		> (626) 397-5784


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