Need Supplier for GREEN modular slide Storage Drawers / Cabinet (from Paragon C&C Co. Inc.)

From:Miriam Schroeder <> (by way of Histonet)

Hi all.  I am looking for a supplier of GREEN modular
units for storage of microscope slides.  Each unit has
6 drawers & each drawer holds two long rows of slides.
 The units can be stacked atop each other to take on
the appearance of a cabinet of sorts.

There is a nameplate on the drawers I already have, it
Tray-Drawer Cabinet
Paragon C&C Co. Inc.
Brooklyn, NY
U.S. Pat # 2,202,047

We used to order through VWR but now they only handle
some other "brand" which is an ugly grey.  I'd like to
get GREEN ones to match my existing drawers.

If anyone knows where I can order this item (esp. this
particular make from Paragon), please let me know.
(Replies from suppliers are welcome.)

Thanks!  Your help is appreciated!

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