Leica mictotomes

From:Gayle Callis <uvsgc@msu.oscs.montana.edu>

Our Leica 2035 cuts decalcified bone AND very tough fibrous tissues
perfectly.  It must be remembered that good sectioning is more than
function of microtome.  Properly fixation and processing plus the hardness
of paraffin and knife type all contribute to successful sectioning (plus
other factors) of fibrous, harder tissues.   

Example:  if using a LOW profile blade to cut everything, switching to HIGH
profile blade (a bit sturdier) often provides better results with tougher
tissues.  This is a good reason to buy more than one type of blade holder,
particularly when you have all kinds of tissues, especially bone (person
shopping was doing that).    

I attended a workshop using Leicas (all models) which performed
beautifully, cut paraffin embedded human femur head slab (perfectly
prepared!) on motorized advance Leica with low profile blade for a great
section, an ultimate test of type of tissue that can be cut on any
microtome.  Operator error (me!) was the biggest factor in getting a
section (had to tweak the soak, icing). 

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