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Dear HistoNet colleagues,
     It is great to have HistoNet working again!  Thank you to those of you who responded to my posting.  I got some leads on staining for fungi and spirochetes, but I still have some questions.  
     Has anyone done Grocott's Methenamine Silver (GMS) without heating the chromic acid?  I heard that it is possible to oxidize in the chromic acid for an hour instead of heating it, but I do not have a procedure.
     Also, I am looking for a procedure for Steiner Chapman because that replaces the uranium/uranyl nitrate with some type of zinc solution.
     I would be very grateful for any help you could provide.


Kimberly Atkin HT (ASCP)
Boston, MA

In a message dated Tue, 5 Dec 2000  8:52:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, Kimcatk writes:

<< Dear HistoNet colleagues,

     I am seeking to replace some staining procedures in my laboratory with NON-microwave methods.  Optimally, I am hoping to find stains that are free of heavy metals or any particularly toxic or dangerous components.  I can not use mercury.

     I need to find staining protocols or kits to demonstrate the following:

Fungal organisms
Spirochetes, Campylobacter, and Legionella organisms

     In addition, the gram stain procedure I use is very cumbersome and I would be extremely grateful for a simpler method.
     Thank you all very much in advance for your help.


Kimberly Atkin HT (ASCP)

Boston, Massachusetts


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