Fwd: Vibratome sectioning advice

From:Philip Oshel <peoshel@facstaff.wisc.edu>

I used to cut fish brains on a Vibratome. They were embedded in 18% 
gelatin and stuck to the stage with gap-filling superglue. The 
"gap-filling" was important -- ordinary superglue didn't hold well 


>Dear Histonetters,
>A further point to ponder.
>I am keen to cut some small ganglia on a vibrotome (40-50 micron)
>in preparation for confocal fluorescent microscopy and need to
>maximise my section count. I there a semi-rigid support or
>embedding media that would allow me to mount these flat, soft
>ganglia to successfully section in transverse rather than
>longitudinal ?
>I am considering a concentrated agar solution in which to embed,
>but conscious of needing to retain the ability to secure the base of
>any block to the chuck using supa-glue.
>Any takers ? Thanks in advice.
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