Does anyone know a stain for LOX cells?

From:Miriam Schroeder <>

Hi all.  I left a lengthy post awhile back and didn't
get any replies.  I'm splitting the two topics into
two posts and hope to get some replies this time:

Does anybody know anything specifically about LOX
cells & a QUICK way to stain them?

I'm working on a research project in which we are
looking for a cell type called LOX in an animal model.
 (The cells are of human origin and the animal is
mouse.  [They were injected into the mouse.] I know
about the "Alu" in-situ technique for demonstrating
human cells, so no responses leading in that
direction, please...)

OK, so ideally what we'd like to do is find a "QUICK
and dirty" histo stain to do on our tissue.  (NOT
immuno stain or in-situ), and we would like some stain
that is "glaringly" positive (i.e. positive cells
really jump out at you at low power) because we'd also
like to just be able to screen the tissue QUICKLY at
low power.

The researcher the tissue came from told us LOX cells
are AMELANOTIC melanoma cells.  If the cells have
pro-melanin (melanin precursors) they should stain
with Fontana anyway(???).  I don't know much about
this cell line,I'm thinking the fact they're
amelanotic COULD be that the precursor don't get
turned into melanin, but it also could be the
precursors were never there in the first place.

My first attempt at a Fontana stain came up negative. 
I have a lot of questions about the Fontana stain (see
related post) & didn't have a positive-control slide
available during my first attempt.  Maybe it will
still work out.  But maybe these cells are NOT

1)Does anybody know anything specifically about LOX
cells & a QUICK way to stain them?

Miriam Schroeder
Research Associate, Berlex Biosciences

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