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Here is the book list I've been compiling. Please look through it and let me
know of any corrections and additions. Some of these are not available
anymore but people wanted to know about them anyway.

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Histonet Book List

Histology for Pathologists
by Stephen S., Md. Sternberg (Editor)
Hardcover - 1248 pages 
2nd edition (January 1998) 
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers; 
ISBN: 0397517181 ; 

Surgical Pathology Dissection: An Illustrated Guide
by Ralph H. Hruban (Contributor), William H. Westra, Timothy H. Phelps
Paperback - 216 pages 1st edition (January 15, 1996) 
Springer Verlag; 
ISBN: 0387945679 ; 

Bloom & Fawcett: Concise Histology.
Don W. Fawcett 1997.
Chapman & Hall (
 Latest in the Bloom & Fawcett series. A classic.

Histology. A text and atlas.
Ross, Romrell & Kaye. 1995
Williams & Wilkins
ISBN 0-683-07369-9
 A good histology text with enough physiology adding interest for students.
Price, student edition is very competitive.

Introduction to Functional Histology.
Telford & Bridgman 1995.
Harper Collins.
ISBN 0-06-501084-1
Good general text. Liberally sprinkled with tables which makes
characteristics and comparisons easy to understand.

Theory & Practice of Histological Techniques, 4th editon.
JD Bancroft. and Alan Stevens
Churchill Livingstone
 A no nonsense lab manual.

Histological and Histochemical Methods: Theory nd Practice
by J. A. Kiernan
Hardcover - 502 pages 3nd edition (May 15, 1999) 
Butterworth-Heinemann Medical; 
ISBN: 0750631066 or ISBN 0-7506-3106-6
great detail explaining the theory behind most of the methods

Genome :The  Autobiography
of a Species in 23 Chapters by
Matt Ridley,1999, Harper Collins and  
also published in Great Britain by Fourth

Histology. A Text and Atlas.
J.A.G. Rhodin 1974.
Oxford University Press.
 Scholarly work with electron micrographs of the highest quality. I think
it's a crime against microscopy that this text is now out of print.

An Atlas of Artifacts Encountered in the Preparation of Micrscopic Tissue
Sections.  by: Samuel Wesley Thompson and Lee G. Luna, published by:
Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, IL  ISBN 0_398_03624_1
Published by Charles C. Thomas, 1978. ISBN 0-398-03624-1

Theory and Practice of Histotechnology   Sheehan and Hrapchak
The classic used by everyone in the USA.
(out of print)

Troubleshooting Histology Stains, 
by Richard W. Horobin and John D. Bancroft. 
New York and Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. 1997  
pp. xvi + 266, with 36 colour plates.
 ISBN 0 443 05312 X.

The Microwave Tool Book
author(s): Gary R. Login and Ann M. Dvorak
publisher: Beth Israel Hospital, Boston
ISBN (for each version_hardcover, flexicover, etc.): ISBN 0_964_2675_0_0
soft cover

The microwave tool book : a practical guide for microsopists
by Gary R. Login
ASIN: 0964267500 

Availability: This title is out of print. Although it is no longer available
from the publisher, we'll query our network of used bookstores for you and
send an update within one to two weeks.

Laboratory Histopathology: A Complete Reference 
by AE Woods and RC Ellis
Churchill Livingstone
ISBN 0443 049122
Update 1 1995
Update 2 1996
RE: R.Ellis: "The next update will depend upon our new editor and Harcourt
Ordering Information:
WB Saunders Customer Services
6277 Sea Harbour Drive, Orlando, Florida 32887
Tel: 001 407 345 2000   Fax: 001 407 352 3395
Manager Sally Wivdo
Roy Ellis
From Tim Morken on Lab Histopath:
ISBN:  0443049122
PRICE: $210.00
SHIPPING & HANDLING: Estimate 8% of the total invoice. Price and
availability are not guaranteed. If you would like this quotation to be
processed in our system and held for 90 days, please forward your mailing
address. You may place your order by calling: 800_831_7799 or Fax
800_874_6418. Please add your local sales tax.
Jackie Tumahai, Customer Service

Histotechnology, A Self_Instructional Text
Freida L. Carson
ASCP Press
ISBN: 0_89189_411_X
Price: $95 ($85 ASCP members)
Ordering Information:  Order #B411X
ASCP Press: Dept 77_3462
Chicago, IL 60678_3462
Phone: 800/621_4142 (Illinois, call 312/738_4890)

Histotechnology, A Self_Assessment Workbook
Freida L. Carson
ASCP Press
ISBN:  None
Price: $40 ($35 ASCP members)
Ordering Information:  Order #B4128
ASCP Press: Dept 77_3462
Chicago, IL 60678_3462
Phone: 800/621_4142 (Illinois, call 312/738_4890)

The (US) National Society for Histotechnology has an extensive, useful list
of texts, manuals, journals, and publishers.  Contact the main office via for more specific details.  The booklet is titled 1997 Edition
Educational Resources in Histotechnology and costs $5.00 for postage and
handling and a $5.00 fee to non members.

Understanding Histochemistry: Selection, evaluation and design of biological
 Richard Horobin, Ellis Horwood Ltd, Chichester, England  1988
USA  Distributors:_ John Wiley & Sons
605 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10158.
ISBN 0_85313_678 X(Ellis Horwood Limited)
ISBN 0_470 21060_5(Halsted Press)

Armed Forces Institute of  Pathology  Manual of Histotechnique
you can order it is through Shandon (1998 Lab Consumables Catalogue).
Otherwise it's available from the American Registry of Pathology, AFIP,
Washington, DC 20306_6000. Look for it in the AFIP website.

Hazardous Materials in the HistopathologybLaboratory : Regulations, Risks,
Handling & Disposal
by Janet C. Dapson, Richard W. Dapson
Paperback 3rd edition (March 1995) 
Anatech Ltd
ISBN: 0964519704

"Histologic Technic & Practical Histochemistry" 4th Ed. by Prof.RD Lillie
and Harold Fulmer p.2004_208. This text is of such bibical proportions and
trivia inclusions that it is a must for every Histo Lab, and despite it's
age is ever appropriate.

Conn's Biological Stains : A Handbook on the Nature and Uses of the Dyes
Employed in
by R. D. Lillie
Hardcover (August 1991) 
Sigma Aldrich Corporation; 
ISBN: 0941633292

Carleton's Histological Technique, any edition, Oxford University Press.
The fourth and last edition, revised and rewritten by Drury, R.A.B. &
Wallington, E.A., was published in 1967

Staining Animal tissues:  Practical & Theoretical, Gurr, E. 1962. Leonard
Hill (Books) Ltd. London.

The 1997 edition of the "Manual of the Special Stains Laboratory" is now
available. It is spiral bound, 200+ pages. Besides stain procedures there
are sections on QA, safety procedures, stability of dye solutions, and how
to get stains off hands and clothing. The price is $32.50 including postage
and handling.

To order send a P.O. or a check written to the University of Rochester Dept.
of Pathology for $32.50 to:

        Charles Churukian
        P.O. Box 626
        U. of Rochester Medical Center
        Rochester, NY 14642

Histochemical protein staining methods 
Royal Microscopical Society. MICROSCOPY HANDBOOKS  04.
J. James & J. Tas. 1984. 
Oxford University Press.
ISBN 0 19 856406 6.
Try and get this handbook. It's only 40 pages in length but packed with

Humason's Animal Tissue Techniques
by Janice K. Presnell, Gretchen L. Humason, Martin Schreibman (Contributor)
Hardcover - 536 pages 5th edition (April 1997) 
Johns Hopkins Univ Pr; 
ISBN: 0801854016 

"The ABC of Safe Practices for the Biological Sciences Laboratory"
(An Easy to Use Reference Manual for Laboratory Personnel)
Roy.C.Ellis and  Donald.I.Perry       
ISBN  0 9598512 3 2
The Educational Resource Centre,
Adelaide Medical Centre for Women and Children,
72 King William Road, North Adelaide.  5006

The Nicrotomist's Formulary and Guide. Peter Gray. 1954. New
York: Blakiston.
  Contains just about every method (fixation, embedding, sectioning,
  staining) published up to about 1952, all with references. There
  is a complicated system of numbers and abbreviations, and the book
  needs a little study to use it. Selected methods are described in
  great detail. The index is a masterpiece.

Histological Techniques. Manfred Gabe. 1976. Paris: Masson/New
York, Heidelberg & Berlin: Springer-Verlag. (There are 3 ISBNs.
The Springer-Verlag, New York one is 0-387-90162-0.)
  The magnum opus (1106 pages) of a French zoologist who did all his
  own technical work. The personal touch comes through even though
  the translation leaves a little to be desired. Includes enzyme
  histochemistry, but not immunohistochemistry. Full of good advice
  for classical methods. Bibliography and index are lousy. Gabe
  died in 1973, before the work was fully edited and translated.

Histochemistry. An Explanatory Outline of Histochemistry and Biophysical
Staining. Richard W. Horobin. 1982. Stuttgart: Gustav Fischer/London:
Butterworths. (There are 2 ISBNs: Fischer: 3-437-10700-3 and Butterworths:
  Most of this book is about staining, especially with dyes but also
  by other methods, and fixation is discussed too. It does not give
  practical instructions, and is addressed to readers with some
  experience. Mechanisms are closely and critically analyzed, and it
  is rewarding to read parts of the book repeatedly. This is a worthy
  successor to J. R. Baker's "Principles of Biological Microtechnique"
  (1958). It is not as easy to read but is much more up to date,
  especially with respect to mechanisms of binding of dyes and
  histochemical end-products.

Understanding Histochemistry. Selection, Evaluation and Design of
Biological Stains. Richard W. Horobin. 1988. Chichester: Ellis Horwood.
  This is a shorter and somewhat simplified treatment of most of the
  material covered in the same author's "Histochemistry" (1982).

In Situ PCR Techniques
Omar Bagasra and John Hansen
Wiley-Liss, Inc. 1997

PCR in situ Hybridization
Gerard J. Nuova, MD
Lippincott-Raven Publishers

At the Bench, A Laboratory Navagator
Kathy Barker
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Gene Cloning and Analysis by RT-PCR
Paul D. Sieber and James W. Larrick
Eaton Publishing 1998

Molecular Biology for Dummies:
Instant Notes in Molecular Biology
P.C. Turner, A.G. McLennan, A.D. Bates, and M.R.H. White
BIOS Scientific Publishers Limited, 1997

Basic Calculations for Chemical and Biological Analysis. Bassey J S
Efiok, 1996. AOAC International, 481 N. Frederick Ave. Suite
500,Gaithersburg,MD 20877-2417. ISBN 0-935584-51-X
I use this book nearly every day. I make my newbies Read chapter 1
"Calculating for Amount, Concentration, and Preparation of Reagents" and
work the problems before they can play in the lab. The appendices for buffer
preparation are copied and posted on the benches.

Immunocytochemical Methods and Protocols, 2nd ed. Lorette C. Javois,
ed., 1999. 
Human Press, 999 Riverview Dr., Suite 208, Totowa, NJ 07512. 
ISBN  0-89603-570-0 
This book gives "cookbook" style protocols for
everything from antibody preparation to apoptosis to ISH. Overviews are very
readable and the protocols work.

Immunoenzyme Multiple Staining Methods 
C.M van der Loos
Springer-Verlag, 2000,

It is a MUST for any laboratory embarking on this methodology, 188 pages of
pearls of wisdom, and a steal at $55.  

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