quench autofluorescence-GFP

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From:Carla_Aiwohi@usgs.gov (Carla Aiwohi)
Date:Mon, 30 Aug 1999 14:45:47 -0600
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Hi everyone:

I am desperately seeking any suggestions as to quenching autoflourescence in
tissues that have been 'treated' with green fluorescent protein (GFP)?  We have
6-8 micron frozen sections in which the GFP (if present) cannont be
distinguished from the background autofluorescence.  Clontech suggests sodium
borohydride in PBS.  As the slides will be looked at tomorrow or Wed., I am
looking for a substitute/alternative to the sodium borohydride which I don't
have.    Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you very

Carla Aiwohi
Western Fisheries Research Center
Seattle, WA 

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