need murine kidney specialist

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From:Marcia Bentz <>
Date:Wed, 18 Aug 1999 07:45:04 -0400
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Just me again pulling my hair out with the cytokine staining on mouse
kidney. Still getting inappropriate signal on negative control (frozen
sections), but it seems to be specific for tubular epithelial cells. Is
there anything special about these cells that would make them "sticky" with
an ABC peroxidase kit? Interestingly, the kidney treated with LPS seemed to
show significantly less of this than the untreated kidney.

Also since morphology pretty much sucks on frozens after all the processing
and detergents, I would prefer to do paraffin embedded. Is there a better
fixative than 10% buffered formalin for cytokine IHC? And is it likely that
a citric acid buffer in a 90 C waterbath will work for antigen retreival?
(help Gayle!)

As always, all hints and suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for always helping,

Lab Specialist Sr.
Univ. of Virginia
Division of Nephrology

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