methacrylate monomer storage

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From:Gayle Callis <>
Date:Mon, 16 Aug 1999 13:07:10 -0600

My stock monomer, methyl methacrylate is at RT in a flammable storage
cabinet.  I try to keep small quantities on hand.

I always dispose of used in a glass jar, sitting in a plastic bucket, or you
can use a large can, and when the latter PMMA infiltration monomer mixtures
are added to this container (they contain the BPO- catalyst and PMMA beads, 
prepolymerized beads from Aldrich), the whole gooey mess will eventually
polymerize into a solid mass.  Don't fill the jar full, only 1/2 or so, and
leave the cap loose, inside a fume hood.  Have blown plastic lids off cans
when this goo polymerizes due to heat given off, a loose lid and hood is
a must.  It takes some time to polymerize the plastic, or you have to
have it collected.  Some people retard polymerization with more
hydroquinone, but I disliked handling liquid monomers twice.

And the solid mass of goo can be put in a garbage dumpster.

Gayle Callis 

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