hiring a tech w/ no experience

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From:Sue Danielson <sdaniels@post.its.mcw.edu>
Date:Wed, 25 Aug 1999 10:47:07 -0500
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Hello histonetters,

An issue has arisen in our laboratory which can benefit from replies from
ANYONE who currently works in histology and electron microscopy as a lab

A position opening exists in our Neuromuscular Diagnostics laboratory for a
lab technologist.  Duties involve primarily TEM prep and, to a lesser
extent, frozen sectioning and histochemical staining of skeletal muscle and
peripheral nerve biopsies.

Our laboratory is fairly small/specialized; we process tissues from
approximately 30 area hospitals throughout Wisconsin & Illinois.  When this
open position is filled, there are two of us working full time and one part
time technician who works weekend hours.

Our superiors ( 2 M.D.'s who are neurologists) are pushing to hire a
particular applicant who has ZERO electron microscopy and histology
experience (she is a bacteriologist by trade).  This individual is very
bright and willing to learn; however from my standpoint as lab coordinator
and the sole person responsible for training this individal I am against
this. Especially since I am in class 3 afternoons per week as a part-time
medical student! 

Time is currently of the essence.  I would prefer to wait for an applicant
who is better qualified; however, have been told that if I am not able to
produce any more qualified applicants by the end of next week that I will be

Please reply!  My superiors do not understand the intricacies of TEM and
histology techniques.  I consider myself an excellent and patient teacher
but I fear that I cannot train this person in a timely enough manner to keep
the lab running smoothly.

I also suspect that by hiring this person that we would be violating some
CLIA regulation.  PLEASE COMMENT, anyone who is willing, so I may turn in
these responses to my superiors before it is too late.


Susan K. Danielson, MS
Neuromuscular Laboratory Coordinator
Froedtert Hospital, Medical College of Wisconsin
ph: 414.259.3836
fax: 414.454.7905
email: sdaniels@mcw.edu

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