flooring in histo labs

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Date:Sun, 29 Aug 1999 10:18:16 EDT
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Happy Sunday! Going through a week's worth of Histonet this morning...
On the subject of flooring, if you want a more permanent fix to the slippery 
We had a nasty accident where a tech on night shift was bringing in a 
specimen to the histology lab and slipped while she was walking by the tissue 
processor (Old UltraTechnicon) - broke her leg and tried to sue the lab! We 
decided to have a type of tile installed that was skid resistant and it 
worked very well and gave the lab a great look and it was easy to clean up.
Long story short - she wasn't wearing rubber soled shoes that nite and 
eventually I think she dropped the lawsuit but not before a lot of hassle.
I am seeing lots of those white sticky mats that several people mentioned in 
labs these days - seems like a simple fix to an age old histo problem.
Andi Grantham
Mikron Instruments

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