Update 8/19/99 on Morgan Dize

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From:Lynn Gardner <gardnerl@horus.ophth.uiowa.edu>
Date:Thu, 19 Aug 1999 10:43:53 -0400
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Dear all,

I have just received an update on Morgan Dize in case you were not on the
net when this first happened this is the letter that came across the
histonet 7/15/99 from our colleague Lynn Dize:

This past Saturday my 5 year old daughter and I were involved in an
accident. (My van was rear ended). She was buckled in the middle seat
properly and still sustained a major head injury I don't want to go into
details. I only want your prayers. She is still in a coma and everything
is up in the air. I will be unsubscribing after I send this, I don't
have time to come home to clean up my e-mail. If you wish to e-mail me
feel free but I may not get back to you any time soon. For those who
would like to know she is at Scottish Rite Childrens Hospital in
Atlanta, Ga.

As of today 8/19/99, IT IS MOGRANS 5TH BIRTHDAY TODAY. Morgan has been out
of the coma for a few weeks. She is now starting to talk words not
sentences,yet. The feeding tube has been removed and she is now eating on
her own-- soft foods only. She is having to re-learn how to use the right
side of her body all over again and is in a wheelchair but if you hold her
she will take a few steps on her own. She is having to re-learn how to eat
by herself as she will not yet reach for things. 

Lynn is seeming to be handling things well but will need a lot of support
when they return home as Lynn and her husband will have to work with Morgan
to try to get her back to her old self. She will never be the same little
girl but she improves with each day and each prayer.

The fund we started for Morgan is starting to grow (at $500), however, I
know we can do better. If you would like to give to the Dize family please
follow the following instructions, if you have children you know  how hard
this situation must be or if like me you have experienced a similar
situation you know how expensive and difficult each day is to cope and deal
with what you must do as a care giver. Please if you can give to this fund
even if it is $1 and 500 give that is another $500 and believe me the
physical therapy and care that Morgan will need is very costly. So please
help if you can send your contribution to:

FUND ESTABLISHED: I have established a fund for the Dize family under
Morgan's mothers name Sabrina Lynn Dize (she goes by Lynn). This fund will
help the family pay for medical costs, time off from work and whatever else
they need in order to take care of Morgan.

If you would like to help as many of you indicated to me here is
what you need to do!

Make a check out to First Union in the memo line write this account number
3000020783964. Then send this check to the following address, (Note: Please 
include a memo to the bank that the check is for the account
listed above under the name of Sabrina Lynn Dize, just to make sure it gets
into the correct account) send check and memo to:

First Union National Bank
Bank by Mail Department
4695 Aviation Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30349-6048

If you don't want to mail a check you may wire the money to the same
address however you must include the routing number which is 061000227 as
well as the account number listed above.

Thanks everyone for your support. Let's make Morgans birthday a happy one
by helping any way we can. Cards, letters or gifts can be sent to:

Morgan Dize (room 419) 
c/o Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center 
1001 Johnson ferry Road NE. 
Atlanta, GA. 30342 

Also I will hopefully have the address for a web site the Dize family has
up so you can contact them and see Morgans progress via the internet. I
will post this information as soon as it is available. Thanks again
everyone. Have a great day and keep Morgan in your prayers.

With love in our hearts we can accomplish great things!
Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)
University of Iowa Health Care 

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