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Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 17:03:47 -0400
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I do it all the time.  You get can of a liquid coverslip .  Dip the slide to
transfer into xylene, then while the slide is wet, cover the tissue with the
liquid coverslip.  Allow to dry overnight on a warming table. The following
day put the slide into warm water or ice,ice,cold water till the tissue and
hardened coverslip can be peeled away from the slide easily without tissue
remaining on the slide.  Remount the tissue/coverslip on a clean, charged
slide and put a dampened strip of paper towel over the section and on top of
this place something weighted to keep the tissue flat.  ( will work without
the weight too).
Place the slide on a warming table overnight.  The following day, put the
slide in xylene till the hardened  liquid coverslip is removed and the
tissue will have adhered to the slide.   Sounds complicated but it's easy.
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Subject: tissue transfer

> Hi,
> I thought I had solved my stick-to problem and made too many slides before
> I learned that I still had a problem.
> I bought large plus slides and would like to transfer tissues from the bad
> slides to the new good slides.
> Is this possible?
> Thanks for your time
> Trisha
> U of WA, Seattle

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