Re: re-staining faded slides

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From:"Andrea Kelly" <>
To:"Carla Aiwohi" <>, <>
Date:Fri, 20 Aug 1999 21:41:27 -0400
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I would take them back as you planned only go all the way to water.Then go
to 0.5-1% acid alcohol to destain (about 1-3 minutes). Wash in water then
rinse in distilled.Have you seen Charles Churukian's Staining Manual?
Besides all of the wonderful microwave methods there is a ton of useful
information such as destaining, shelf life of solutions/stains, how to get
specific stains out of clothing, hands and glassware. It is very reasonable

Andrea Kelly
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From: Carla Aiwohi <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, August 20, 1999 1:05 PM
Subject: re-staining faded slides

>Hi everyone,
>    I have three faded slides that were stained with PAS, H&E and
>about 10 years ago.  Can anyone offer advice as to the best way to
>them?  I had planned to soak them in xylene, take slides to 70% then
>using our usual procedures.  Thanks for your help and have a good weekend.
>Carla Aiwohi
>Western Fisheries Research Center
>Seattle, WA

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