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From:"R.Wadley" <>
Date:Wed, 25 Aug 1999 09:24:01 +1000
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	Dear Russ,

	Its been years since I used a knife that had to be sharpened.  My last
cryostat was a Leica CM 1800, with a disposable knife holder.  I used
'Sturkey' gold plated high profile blades, they sectioned through mouse
femurs at 5-10 um very nicely.  I was even able to section through whole
mouse (ribs, pelvis etc) at 60 um without too much stress (cryotape is a
life saver here).  I found I needed to move (or change) the knive after
about 5-6 sections.  
	I admit the initial conversion to disposables from solid knives is a bit
expensive if you don't have an appropriate holder, but in the long run
there are many savings.


	Rob W.

At 17:14 08/24/1999 GMT0BST, you wrote:
>You may expect me to know this
>How frequently do you have to sharpen tungsten carbide knives.
>Yes, I know, how long is a piece of string!
>I appreciate comments on types of tissue cut - soft, calcified, 
>horses' hooves, etc
>How about using them in the cryostat for undecalcified bone?
>All experiences gratefully received.
>Russ Allison, Wales

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