Re: TTF(thyroid antibody)

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From:"Mark V. Corl" <>
To:Josefa Nava <>
Date:Fri, 20 Aug 1999 07:31:39 -0700
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Dear Josefa-
TTF-1 is an acronym for thyroid transcription factor 1.  Despite its name,
it is mostly used to label lung carcinomas.  If you have ta moment, click
on the follwing link:

This will take you to a pdf file of our data sheet (on our web site) that
contains descriptions, abstracts, etc., about TTF-1.  Perhaps more
information than one cares to know!  You are also welcome to contact us at
Lab Vision - NeoMarkers for information as well.  Our group has licensed
the hybridoma and now manufactures the antibody in ascites and tissue
culture supernatant formats.

Happy Friday!
Mark Corl
Lab Vision - NeoMarkers
510-440-2826 (fax)

Josefa Nava wrote:

> Can someone tell me what TTF antibody stands for. I was told it is for
> thyroid . Please let me know what company I can order it from.
> Thank you.
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