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Date:Fri, 27 Aug 1999 08:41:01 EDT
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This message, with which someone spammed this list, is a hoax, and maybe a 
scam. The American Cancer Society does not endorse such solicitations. (You 
can check their Web site.) 

Please do not spam this list, or any list to which you belong, with 
solicitations of this sort, virus warnings, statements attributed to Janet 
Reno, or anything else the newbies on the Internet feel compelled to dump in 
your mailbox.

There are a number of Web sites devoted to exposing such things. I've never 
found one yet that was legit.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist

The message posted read:
>>PLEASE pass this mail on to everybody you know. It is the request of a 
little girl who will soon leave this world, as she has been a victim of a 
serious and fatal form of cancer....The American Cancer Society will donate 3 
cents per name to her treatment and recovery plan.<<

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