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Date:Thu, 19 Aug 1999 17:38:31 +1000
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You might also consider M.Bovis which is also weak acid fast and a good
organism for Wade-fite. Source material from Johnes infected cows, horse or
sheep via Dept. Ag. in your State. Given the large cattle industry in Texas,
I don't think you're colleagues down there would have much trouble. I would
avoid using M.Tuberculosis as it is more acid fast. ANother suitable
organism is M.Ulcerans- again the Ag. Dept. is a good source although it is
often found in non-healing ulcers esp. leg in humans who handle wildlife.
regards Mike (Downunder)
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Date: Thursday, 19 August 1999 1:40
Subject: Leprosy

>This is a plea to all Histo techs but especially those in Texas.  I need to
>get some Leprosy ( Wade Fite  positive) control material. I would prefer
>human tissue, however I  have it on very good authority that the nine
>armadillos (Road kill) are infected with  this mycobacterium. Does anyone
>have any tissue blocks that they are willing to share, or exchange? I have
>reasonable sized control bank so may have just what you are looking for.
>Here in the Canadian west we are seeing more and more of an immigrant
>population from third world countries, and an increase in requests for
>Leprosy stains on the skin biopsies. However no cases are positive so
>although it is good for the patient I can not raid my surgical files for
>control material.
>Thanks for any assistance.
>Janet Tunnicliffe ART Fax     (604) 585-5562
>Charge Technologist Histopathology Phone (604) 588-3384
>Surrey Memorial Hospital email
>13750  96th. Ave.,
>Surrey, B.C. Canada

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