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Date:Mon, 16 Aug 1999 11:15:59 -0400
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ISO is the aquivalent to CAP and is just as involved.  ISO should be able
to supply you with the guidelines for developing SOP's.  NSH has some very
good hand-outs on record keeping, the preparation of technical procedures,
and so forth.   NSH's telephone # is 301-262-6221. They also have a
website.  I think it maybe   The hand-outs state CAP, JCAHO
and CLIA, but I will almost guarantee it will pertain to what ISO will be

Good Luck.

Rande on 08/13/99 03:28:26 PM

Subject:  ISO certification

Our Lab. is presently in the process of applying for ISO certification.
Certain procedures have been mentioned,  calibration of temperatures
in all stations of the tissues processors - is the wax really 60 degrees ?
thickness of sections on the microtome - are they actually 5 microns ?
temperature of waterbaths, etc. How much is really involved ?
Could someone please guide us in the right direction ?

Marilyn Johnson
Animal Health Labs.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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