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Date:Fri, 20 Aug 1999 13:15:00 -0500
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Maybe a quick dip into liquid Nitrogen may have helped.

Pat Betchley LVN, HT(A.S.C.P.)
WHMC Lackland, AFB
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Subject: Re: Frozen secioning fat tissue

>Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 06:14:45 -0400
>From: (Wenk, Lee & Peggy)
>Subject: Re: Frozen secioning fat tissue
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>Alan Bright wrote:
>> Dear Beth,
>>  . . . To overcome the problem, you will have to spray the specimen,
knife &
>> anti-roll plate with a refrigerant spray (Cryospray) to get your fatty
>> sections.
>Oh NO!!!! NEVER use a cryogenic spray in a cryostat!!!
>The Federal Registry and CAP prohibit this, as it can cause
>droplet, dispersion, etc. of the tissue and air in the cryostat,
>which will then fly out of the cryostat, which you can then breathe.
>Which can then infect you with whatever the patient(s) had in
>the tissue fragments hanging around in your cryostat.
>Lower the temperature of the cryostat, or freeze the tissue
>in liquid nitrogen cooled to -50 degrees C (there are machines
>available that do this. We bought ours from Shandon-Lipshaw.)
>But do NOT use the cryogenic spray!
>Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
>William Beaumont Hospital
>Royal Oak, MI 48073

	Perhaps spraying is not such a good idea in this instance with, as
you say, Federal Registry and CAP prohibition. But, can I raise the matter
of cryostats fitted with vacuum debris collector. Although they have
filters do they really, or can they really, filter out prion particles. I
would be a bit more afraid of a constant airflow out the rear of a cryostat
than a quick blast of  coolant. Plus, some models of cryostat have fan
coolers, again giving a gentle breeze of air around the cryostat. Open the
lid and what will you get straight in the face and up the nose.

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>> Subject: Frozen secioning fat tissue
>> >Histonetters,
>> >
>> >We just completed a study consisting of mouse fat.  This fat was taken
>> >from around such tissues as the uterus, heart, etc.  We used a cryostat
>> >made by Microm and had it set at everywhere from -18 to -35 degrees.  We
>> >left the tissue in the cryostat overnight and still no luck.  We could
>> >not get a section no matter how thick or thin we tried cutting them.  We
>> >then tried Histofreeze, still no luck.  To make a long story short, we
>> >ended up giving "fat smears".  We have never had problems with our
>> >cryostat and the techs that were working on this project had over a
>> >century of experience with frozens.  Maybe Instrumedics could have come
>> >to the rescue!
>> >
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