Re: BrDU in mouse tissues

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From:denise M m Long-Woodward <>
Date:Sat, 21 Aug 1999 04:03:17 +0000

If you send me your fax number I can email you a great Brdu protocol for
murine samples.
You may want to reconsider the formic acit decalcification. EDTA takes
longer but is far better for morphology. Six months ago I did a project
involving mouse jaws and teeth with EDTA. It was worth the wait.
Denise Woodward, Boston, MA

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 08:49:51 -0700 Shirley Chu <>
> To all histonetters,
> I will be involved in a project in which I will be looking at cell 
> proliferation in the growth plate/bone development of mice using 
> BrDU.  Some of the mice will be fairly young, anywhere from about 
> 4-5 
> days old and the older ones about 20 days old.  Primarily looking at 
> the femurs of these animals.  Could anyone recommend to me an 
> antibody (or even better,supply me with a procedure) that they have 
> successfully used on mouse bones that are formalin fixed, paraffin 
> embedded.  The bones for the younger mice will not be decalcified 
> prior to processing while the older ones will be (planning to use 
> formic acid for no longer than 2 days).   Thanks in advance to all 
> responders.
> Shirley Chu
> Deltagen Inc.
> San Carlos CA

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