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Date:Tue, 17 Aug 1999 09:20:45 -0700


Working in the great white north I have found that the temperature of the
water also affects the ability of the section to stain. We have our stainer
directly connected to running water and it has a temperature adjustment
value so we get water at an even temperature, if the water is too cold
staining with eosin is poor. I can not explain the chemistry behind this but
I know it works as I have helped other labs troubleshoot this problem and
have had great success.  
Just another comment on pH. The online water here has such a low pH that I
have two in line marble filters to raise the pH to neutral, with out these
we can stain at all.
Good luck,
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	Thanks Gayle:

	I have been talking to this lab for months it seems about fading
eosin, and 
	everything that I have suggested does not seem to correct the
problem, so I 
	am going there next week and try to see if I can solve the problem.
I have 
	even had them pHing the water to be sure that it is not real
alkaline, and 
	adding acetic acid to the alcohol before the eosin to be sure that
the pH is 
	correct, but nothing seems to help.  I hope that an on site visit
will bring 
	the problem to light.  Just thought I would see if anyone else is
	experiencing the problem. They are using automated staining.


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