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Date:Thu, 19 Aug 1999 08:51:44 -0500

Hello Janet,
I suggest you try getting in touch with Dr. Arvind Dhople at the Department
of Biological Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology, in Melbourne,
Florida.  I know he has been using the armadillo model in his leprosy
studies for a long time.  His e-mail address is
These are some of his research interests, from the Florida Tech website

	- In vitro studies on Mycobacterium leprae leading toward the growth
of this organism in cell-free system. German Leprosy Relief Association,
	- Development of new drugs against leprosy, a collaboration between
Florida Tech and German Leprosy Relief Association, Germany. 


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> Subject: 	Leprosy
> This is a plea to all Histo techs but especially those in Texas.  I need
> to
> get some Leprosy ( Wade Fite  positive) control material. I would prefer
> human tissue, however I  have it on very good authority that the nine
> banded
> armadillos (Road kill) are infected with  this mycobacterium. Does anyone
> have any tissue blocks that they are willing to share, or exchange? I have
> a
> reasonable sized control bank so may have just what you are looking for.
> Here in the Canadian west we are seeing more and more of an immigrant
> population from third world countries, and an increase in requests for
> Leprosy stains on the skin biopsies. However no cases are positive so
> although it is good for the patient I can not raid my surgical files for
> control material.
> Thanks for any assistance.
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