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Date:Sat, 21 Aug 1999 09:56:27 -0500
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Use your microscope to follow the course of stain uptake and removal on a
series of control slides.  First-hand direct observation in real time is the
best way to quickly resolve such questions.

Gary W. Gill

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I am working with pig skin and doing H&E regressive staining using Harris
Hematoxylin (non-acidified). The problem is that the hematoxylin is too
dark and I can't differentiate what I need, especially it is too dark in
the basal layer and the epidermis of the skin. I need a H&E Regressive
Method that will be lighter. Currently I am staining with hematoxylin for
10 minutes, which I think is too much, but this is what one of the methods
say. I know there are different H&E regressive methods (with different
times for Hematoxylin). Any suggestions?

Edna Gonzalez
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